Vinyl Windows Price Comparison

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Vinyl Window Price Comparison

A vinyl windows price comparison is a valuable tool when looking to replace older windows in the home. There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to window frames, and the price gap between them is substantial. The most reputable all in one design and build shop is always happy to provide consultation services to help you decide on the best choice for your home, but doing a little research on your own is always beneficial. It helps to understand some of the building methods and terminology used by the best in the business to ensure that a firm grasp of all the answers are sure to flow from an experienced team.

Wood Hybrid

For centuries, wood has been the go-to material for the majority of homeowners. It looks great, and with the latest technology, is more efficient than it has been in the past. Some are bound to metal, fiberglass or vinyl portions that lead to the exterior of the house, which helps to prolong their life. Wood window frames tend to be the most expensive options available and require substantially more maintenance to keep in pristine condition. The price and the maintenance are negatives that have lead people away from this particular choice in recent years.

Aluminum Clad Vinyl

In the past, this type of window frame has been a less popular option due to the fact that metal is an excellent conductor of heat. Metal outside the home can lead to less energy efficiency. The most recent upgrades to this particular type of window reduce the amount of heat loss through the incorporation of plastic or rubber spacers that prevent cold air from being transferred into the home. They are quite a bit cheaper than wood frames and require far less in terms of maintenance. The aluminum is sometimes powder-coated or painted and will eventually need to be refinished. Overall, aluminum clad vinyl windows are a fine choice for most homeowners.


There has been a recent trend in the last few decades towards the use of vinyl windows, and for good reason: there is very little maintenance required to keep them looking their best and they are capable of delivering outstanding improvements in home energy efficiency. They’re available in several colours and will never need to be refinished. They can be cleaned with little more than a garden hose, and the price tag can’t be beat. They’ve become the perfect choice for many homeowners, and when paired with technology like V-Weld fabrication the power savings alone can pay for the upgrade in just a few short years.
Vinyl windows are the perfect window upgrade solution for most homeowners. While other options certainly have their perks, the ability to conserve energy and their nearly maintenance-free attributes make them ideal candidates for any residential area. A vinyl window price comparison with the other options out there will yield results similar to these, which is why anyone looking for a cost effective and energy efficient window upgrade choice would be wise to consider them for their home. No matter which selection is made, be sure to have the windows fabricated and installed by a reputable and experienced team to ensure the best possible results.

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